Introduction to Paris


If you are planning for spending your vacations in that type of place which complete your dream vacations then come Paris and spend your holidays in hotel Paris because it is the most beautiful city in a world. It is the capital of France and it is also the largest city of country, it is also known as the most populated metropolitan area in Europe and the city is situated on the river Seine. Paris is also known as the capital of fashion and design and internationally renowned for its boutique, department stores and young designers. Paris is a beautiful city and it is the combination of historical charm and modernism which makes Paris a fantastic tourist place which incourage to more people to spend their vacations in hotel in Paris. Every year thousand of people visit this city while vacationning in hotels Parijs to enjoy the Charming Streets in Paris, Avenues and Squares in Paris, Famous Cathedral of Paris and to taste its famous cuisine but the main reason to come to Paris is to fall in love. Most people want to spend their vacations in hotels Parijs because of its interesting Monuments in Paris and the main Attractions of Paris.

The Famous Attractions in Paris

Eiffel Tower

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While enjoying in hotels Parijs your visit is incomplete without a tour to Eiffel Tower in Paris. In the 19th century it was not very famous and now Eiffel Tower of Paris is became the symbol of Paris. Eiffel Tower in Paris is made by the Gustave Eiffel and he was chosen 700 architects engineers to build the tower that would commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower was the tallest building till 1930 and it is 300 meters high tower. Tourists who enjoyed in Paris hôtel and who has seen the Eiffel Tower of Paris said that Eiffel Tower's height varies up to 15cm depending on temperature.

Place de la Concorde


Place de la Concorde is located near to the Louvre museum and the river Seine sits on the right of the Place de la Concorde. Visitors vacationning hôtels Paris say that the Place de la Concorde is the largest Square in Paris and it was constructed in 1757 and 1777 and the square also has a long history. After the revolution the square received its current name : Place de la Concorde (Means Peace) and in this square the infamous guillotine was used to kill more than 1,300 heads of members of the 'Antique' regime. On the left we can also see the Obelisk of Luxor, which represents the viceroy of Egypt gave to Charles X in 1829 and from the right side we can also see the big wheel, through which we can also see a great landscape view of the center of Paris.

 Arc de Triomphe


If you are vacationning in hôtel Paris then you must see the Arc de Triomphe which makes your visit more enjoyable in Paris hôtel. The Arc de Triomphe was contructed to honor Napoleon's campaigns in Europe and it was the most typical Sights in Paris with the Trimphal Architecture. In 1940 the Nazi troops used it as to celebrate their victory over France and in 1944 French, British and American troops marched through it as a symbol of the liberation of Paris. Visitors enjoying their vacations in Hotels Paris also say that the 12 converging avenues beautiful view can be seen from the terrace at the top of the Arc de Triomphe and the square where the Arc de Triomphe is situated is known as "Place de I'Etoile-Charles de Gaulle' where 'Etoile' refers to the star shape of the square and 'Charles de Gaulle' as a dedication to one of the most popular presidents of the "5th Republique".

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